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Dragonfly Heart Medicine

* heal yourself * return to wholeness * remember who you are *


Reiki I Online Training

Dragonfly Heart Medicine

Are you ready to take your spiritual practice to next level

Are you ready to learn how to heal yourself? 

Are you ready to live in your power and rock your life?

Then join  me for Reiki I Training!

What's included?

Lesson One: What is Reiki?
Lesson Two: Reiki Principles
Lesson Three: Chakras & Energy
Lesson Four: Treatment Guidelines
Lesson Five: Hand Positions
Lesson Six: Uses for Reiki
Lesson Seven: Making it Your Own

Each lesson includes a written summary, video(s), and any images needed. All written material is also available in a downloadable manual.

Upon completion of the lessons, it is then your responsibility to contact me to schedule your attunement. This will be done via Zoom or Skype.

Once you complete your attunement, you will then receive your certificate be an official Reiki I practitioner.

Questions? Send me an e-mail!

Ready to register? Choose an option below! You can pay the full price of $111.00 or break it up into two payments of $55.50.

I look forward to this journey together!

Reiki I Online Training

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